Super Fun Time Trivia

SFT Trivia 59 - Tim Allen And A Basketball 13:13

November 30, 2018

Join us for a very special Super Fun Time Trivia, where we completely sell out for a few hundred dollars and do our first ever ALL MOVIE TRIVIA for North Bay Film Festival's Brunch!!!

Hear about Daniel Radcliffe's, stunt double Wheelchairy Potter!
Hear about William Shatner's German Porn alter ego!
Most importantly, hear Kevin not be drunk...
Because its 10 AM!

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Welcome to Super Fun Time Trivia: The known universe's only live improv comedy trivia podcast.

(Also, for anyone who reads the show notes, apologies for missing last week.
I recently had a break up and have spent the last two weeks trying to get my life back together and moving. Thank you for your patience and re-listening of old fart jokes.
We truly do appreciate each and every one of you, and I promise to never love girls again, so the podcast can keep coming out on time.)