Super Fun Time Trivia

Super Covid Time Trivia - Day 50 (Selena Gomez Adams)

May 29, 2020

I know nobody reads these, but this episode marks one of the saddest moments of my life.

We'd been doing nearly sold out shows two to 3 times a week for almost 6 years. Then suddenly our lives got turned upside down and we had to make some crazy decisions (Sort of like right now in our lives.)

At this show at our new venture, there were 3 teams.

3... whole teams...

It made me question so so much of our career up until this point, and what our future was going to be. We held on, kept chugging (both beers and work), and made it out to find the light at the other end of the tunnel was even brighter than before. Bigger shows. Better Venues. Same amazing fans that had stuck by us. (Like You.)

Now we're at one of those moments again. The entire entertainment industry has changed. If we keep waiting for live events to open up again, and stick to our same old stuff, we might not make it out of this change again.

So lets keep on chugging, and keep your ears peeled for ... maybe... possibly... a live internet event that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can participate in.

Love you all, and thanks again for all the years of swears and fart noises.

Koal and Kevin

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This Episode Recorded at Gateway City Brewery on August 6th, 2019

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